Equipment Rentals

If you're brining your own kayak and riding with us, your kayak will be transported on our trailers.  

Kayak rentals are available - we have a big variety and can accommodate many body sizes!  Your kayak will be transported to the festival site.  We strongly recommend renting a plastic kayak if your own is composite!  Please indicate your favorite models on the registration page. There will also be some drysuits available for rent from Kokatat - just tick the box in your registration!

Werner Paddles generously sends us a box of loaner of paddles - please indicate your favorite model if you would like to borrow one at no charge!

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Contact Information

Please contact Jen Kleck for answers to questions about this event in English:

Favor de contactar a Victor León para información en Español:

Online Reservations!


Sponsors are welcome to inquire about opportunities to work with the festival!

Please contact Jen Kleck at (619)992-6693 for more information!